Integrated Demand Resources

With intense pressure to reduce energy costs, having control over how we use energy--in a way that earns money--can make a big difference.

Energy Connect and Johnson ControlsEnergyConnect is now part of Johnson Controls, providing Integrated Demand Resources that combine the power of building automation with easy-to-implement demand response technology. Learn More

Using our unique GridConnect platform, mid- to large-sized consumers of electricity now enjoy even more opportunities to augment their earnings and savings from traditional standby programs with increased participation in flexible price-responsive and reserve programs throughout the year.

See how a forward-thinking facility accomplished an annual effective energy savings of 25%, a cost reduction of over $112,000. Thanks to their temporary curtailment, over 125,000 pounds of carbon emissions never hit the air.

Everyone Wins
Energy users win by saving plus earning money through smart energy management. The power grid wins for not having to build, operate and maintain power plants that only run temporarily during peak periods. The community wins with less threat of rolling blackouts. And the planet wins because of less greenhouse gas emissions.

Demand Response Teamwork

What is Demand Response?

Demand Response in Action:

"GridConnect gives us the visibility to understand our load profile and energy use patterns as related to onsite activities, weather, electricity prices, etc. This enables us to predict voluntary economic and other viable DR opportunities based on our day-to-day operations. Working with Johnson Controls has helped us optimize our energy earnings and savings year round."

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Fund Your Energy Future

Whether you want to invest in larger energy efficiency projects, enhance your building automation capabilities, or fund deferred maintenance, Johnson Controls can help you maximize the value of your demand response earnings and energy savings.

Johnson Controls is a Fortune 100 global diversified technology and industrial leader with over $42 billion in annual revenue and a 127-year history in helping facilities perform better. We offer a level of stability, flexibility and scale that is unrivalled among demand response providers.

Johnson Controls creates energy savings solutions, including Building Automation, Industrial Refrigeration, Energy Efficiency and other sustainable technologies to ensure you get the most out of every single unit of energy, water, material and resource used in your facility. Our commitment to sustainability dates back to our roots in 1885, with the invention of the first electric room thermostat.

How Demand Response Supports Sustainability

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